Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Thirty-Six Righteous Ones

six pointed star creates 36 pointed shape

Simon Jester (William Max Miller) sent me this (Paint Shop Pro) illustration showing how six times six pointed star creates 36 pointed shape representing the Lamed Vov Righteous, the 36 Hidden Tzaddikim.


Lucian said...

But weren't there only 16 hidden righteous? :-\ Or are there more than one versions of that number?

zeevveez said...

I didn't know about the 16 hidden righteous ones- please send me the sources for your version.

Lucian said...

I've checked Wikipedia also, and there's seemingly no such thing there anywhere either. I must've heard it wrong, or remembered it wrong.

I'm fine, thank You very much for caring. :-) Hope You had a Happy Hanukkah, and that You'll have a Happy New Year as well! :-) I wish You all the health and happiness in the world! :-)

Anonymous said...

There is definetly 36. It's spoken about a lot. These are the people world rests upon.