Monday, September 18, 2006

The Star of David is a Homoshape

Yesterday I asked on Yahoo Answers:
How do we call the same shape when it has more than one meaning? Can you give an example?
On the details section I explained:
When the same word has different meanings we call it a homonym.
My example: The Star of David is a shape that has different meanings in different cultures...
In a few hours I got some interesting answers:
It was used as the logo of some European beer, but after the Nazis made it famous, the beer company changed its logo.
Cross is used in churches and it has a different meaning when you see it in the hospital.
How about "O"?
Can be used as a circle, a zero, the alphabet O.
In the feedback section I wrote:
Very good examples but no name - I'll have to invent one myself - I'll call it a homoshape.

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