Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yair Davidiy

I am grateful to Yair Davidiy, the publisher of Brit-Am newsletter, who referred me to two of the most important Star of David artifacts. I get his newsletter regularly and I noticed that on the cover of his Hebrew book about the lost tribes, "Achim Acharim", there is a Star of David within a Star of David, and on the opening page of his huge website there is another Star of David in red, white, and blue. I asked him about these and here’s his answer:
e believe that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are primarily in Western Countries. The primary colors of Ancient Israel (as seen in the Tabernacle) were red, white, and blue. These are also the colors of many nations we identify as containing within their boundaries descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes, e.g. USA, Britain, France, etc. This is why we use red, white, and blue in our design. The Magen David shape is to emphasize the connection of the Lost Ten tribes to the Jews of Judah.
The book cover of our work in Hebrew, "Achim Acharim", was designed by my son Oriel Davidiy. The book was published on behalf of Brit-Am by Russell-Davis Publishing. The book traces the Lost Ten Tribes to the west using Biblical, Rabbinical, Historical, Linguistic, and related sources.

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