Tuesday, December 18, 2007

German Six Pointed Stars

Common knowledge is that Germans forced Jews during Third Reich period to wear the six- pointed stars. It seems hard to believe that Germans used this symbol for themselves – it may even seem a scoop, but Terry G. Jordan found out series of six-pointed stars in Texas German graveyards (and wrote about them in his book: Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy, University of Texas Press, 1984 ISBN 0292780702 p. 111):
selected six pointed hex signs derived from rubbings of Texas German
gravestones… double sechsstern Drudenfuss, New Braunfels old town cemetery,
Comal county, 1874.

(see the photo on p. 90 – it looks exactly like the Jewish Star of David)
In p. 112 he wrote:
Among the Pennsylvania Germans the term Hexefiess also meaning “witch’s foot” is
preferred the six-pointed variety, or hexagram. Is also. Along with the compass
star, called a sechsstern

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