Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lody Means Ice Cream In Polish

Star of David as part of a work created by Akiva Kenet Segan

Copyright: Akiva Kenet Segan 2008


UWG Art No. 21

The child victims portrayed in this mixed media piece were drawn from Warsaw Ghetto photos - the child at viewers left from a photo by Nazi soldier Heinz Jost [see also UWG Drawings No. 7, 9, and 33]. Josts caption for the photo stated:
On the sidewalk in a side street I saw this tiny child who could no longer pull himself upright. The passers-by didn't stop. There were too many children like this one. Lody means ice cream in Polish. Store signs seen in Warsaw Ghetto photos pre-date the Nazi occupation and the sealing in of the ghetto. I was struck, living in Seattle ~ with my home city's close proximity to Alaska and Native American culture, by the incongruity of a store sign in the Warsaw Ghetto for Eskimo brand ice-cream.

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