Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drora Weizman, Plan 2001

Star of David appears on an artwork by Israeli artist Drora Weizman titled Plan 2001

Size: 15X 22 cm

Drora wrote to me:

Collage paper and electronic components on a wood platform. At the bottom under the red wires theres a silver Star of David made from the wrapping of a chocolate coin.

The work was created after a terrorist act in 14.4.01 at Kfar Saba and a few other

terrorist acts at Netania.

The work points at two main possibilities:

1. To connect all the components so that Herzl’s vision would come true.

2. To connect and wire all the components so that the whole package would explode.

Copyright:Drora Weizman 2008

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Anonymous said...

The Magen David contains a Jewish Secret of the Golden Ring of King Solomon which according to an Ancient Jewish tradition used the three dimensional geometry of this special Ring to focus sunlight rays together with the Shamir{Massechet Gitin page 78}-in a more efficient manner than the Ancient egyptians and Inca Indians to cut and carve the stones of the Temple in Jerusalem according to the Commandment of the Torah in Sefer Shemoth.