Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Fleet of King Solomon

Uxmal  hexagram
From: Second Annual Report Of the Bureau of Ethnology for 1880‑1881, Washington, 1883, Pl. 57, No. 5, William H. Holmes, Art in Shell of the Ancient Americans pp. 174‑305.

I read on Symbols.com, an online Encyclopedia  of religious symbols, that the Star of David appeared in pre-Columbian America in Uxmal on a cliff engraving from around 1000 C.E. Encyclopedia sounded to me like a good enough authority so I followed it and found thousands of photos of Uxmal  on Google Images search engine. After I was convinced that such a place is not a fantasy I found a report by Dr. Greg Little who filmed a documentary in 2004 in the National Archaeological Museum of Guatemala where he saw another Star of David that was discovered in Tikal  
Uxmal is a large ruined city of the Maya civilization in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. Tikal is in the Peten region of Guatemala - the largest ruined city of the Maya civilization.

These findings are most probably hexagrams, but there is a slight chance that they  are Stars of David used by the Israelites from the fleet of King Solomon.
On October 16, 1971 professor M. Wells Jakeman from Brigham Young University published an article titled “The Star Of David In Ancient America?” with a  Fig. 1. 
Part of sculpture in bas-relief on a Stela recently unearthed in Campeche, Mexico, and now in the National Museum of Mexico...According to Prof. Alexander von Wuthenau of the University of the Americas in Mexico City (as reported by the Associated Press on March 23, 1971), the ear ornament is an earring which has in its center the "Star of david,"…
See also: Goblet d'Alviella, The Migration of Symbols (London, 1894, p. 226, Fig. 128)

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