Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hexagonal Postage Stamps

Bulgarian star of David made from six stamps

Commemorating 100 Years to Sofia Synagogue

Issued on 09.09.2009

Designer:Radoslav Iliev

Thanks to Cvetan Cvetkov for referring me to this stamp

Since I consider myself the inventor of the six-pointed-star-shaped postage stamps I felt intimidated by this rivalry, but:

  1. It was issued after “my Stamp”
  2. It wasn’t six-pointed from the start.

This set of 2 stamps, which shows Aldabra giant Tortoise, was released on 2 August 2008 by the Indian postage Service. The stamp in picture is courtesy of Mansoor Hussain who wrote to me:

It is not star shaped (originally it is in hexagonal shape) it has been cut from the sheet in star shape.

Copyright: Mansoor Hussain 2008

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