Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Archaeological Garden

In the Israeli president's residence there will soon be an archaeological Garden whose motif is Jewish heritage in Israel. In it there will be

Capitals, door lintels, relief decorated friezes, mosaics, and dedicatory inscriptions from… Jerusalem, Ramat Rachel, Samaria, Mazor, Caesarea, Tiberias, 'Ilut, Korazim, Gush Halav, 'Alma, Tel Dan, Horbat Shura, Horbat 'En Nashut, Horbat Kanaf, Afiq, Rafid and other sites.

One of the items is a 
Basalt pillar stone with relief decoration depicting a Magen David  and Rosetta [from the] Synagogue [of] Horbat Shura,Upper Galilee 5th-7th century CE.

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