Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Star of David Tattoo

Star of David Tattoo
Photo is courtesy of David I. Herman, from Redmond Washington, owner / operator of "Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.
David wrote to me the following:
The tattoo was done in Michigan when my shop was in Oak Park. I am of Jewish heritage, thus a Jewish/Buddhist tattoo artist. The client is Jewish and is proud to be Jewish, he also has a Hamsa on the other shoulder with the "eye of God" - the raised arms of Jewish slaves - and the tablets of the ten commandments. I included it for your curiosity". I am an ex advertising executive, martial artist, world ranked roulette player, and now a humble tattoo artist and painter. Well, not so humble, I work hard at my craft.

I wrote him back:
This Star of David design of yours is a delight to my eyes...

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zeevveez said...

Since World War II, some think getting a tattoo disgraces the memory of the Holocaust and its survivors. Sean Farnan, however, defies that thinking. He has a Holocaust memorial tattoo on his chest: a Star of David with “Jude” written in the middle, all engulfed by flames.

“A lot of people see that and they’re really offended,” the 34-year-old Oakland resident says. “It’s a real personal thing for me. I’m really fascinated by the Holocaust.”

While Farnan, a network engineer, obviously doesn’t walk around with his shirt off advertising his tattoo, he does have a sense of provoking thought among those who see it.

Farnan shows it off proudly when he sings with his band Jewdriver, a sort of Jewsploitation punk band. “It makes you think,” he says. “I want to be reminded — as if I would ever forget — but it reminds people around me, too.

“It would be really stupid for me to get this tattoo as a mockery of all our people have gone through. But sometimes people take it that way, but that’s their prerogative.”
Source: http://www.somethingjewish.co.uk/articles/777_tattoo_jews.htm