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Andrew Noble's article: The Caduceus, the Star of David & the Omega

The Star of David encodes the same message as the Caduceus, representing our energetic structure and the life force that makes us human all birthed from the transformation of the closed Alpha to the open Omega.  Before you move on, be sure to note that the ‘exit point’ on the magic squares below to the next brane or level in 3D space is number seven and that the magic squares are constructed with nine numbers. Some interest in geometry will assist one’s appreciation of the relationships between these symbols though the same story can be appreciated by simply examining the symbols and their use in various cultures.
  See images number 2, 6,7 from

You’ll find the Star of David at the centre of the flower of life. Also, watch Flower of Life Video with Nassim Haramein –
To fully grasp the relationship between the Star of David & the Caduceus it is necessary to delve into a little mathematics & geometry –
the math does not lie; the proof is in the geometry.

The Star of David also encodes the basic reality of our world, duality, in the same way the Tao does. Already covered in some detail here -
Often it is easier to look at the works of artists from various cultures to really appreciate this life force.

Image from my Bali trip 2012

Mythical Hindu Deities at a Balinese temple with glowing energy orbs. 
Notice the spin on the orbs.

Image from my Bali trip 2012

Art imitating nature – Look for the energy orb built on the Star of David template and spiral.

Image from my Bali trip 2012

Spinal column with representation of the life force in the shape of the Caduceus.
 (Temple on Legian St, Kuta)
Image from my Bali trip 2012

Balinese Hindu’s work with the ‘eight points’ rather than the six as found in the ‘Star of David’.

 Image from my Bali trip 2012

The Hindu’s mark the ‘life force’ with a Swastika too. The ‘life force’ has ‘spin’ or motion as an identifying property. The Spiral and Swastika are ‘over-head’ visual representations of the serpent-shaped structure formed by the Caduceus or life force.
  See image on
Seven Chakras with the heart Chakra marked by the Star of David.  (brow & crown Chakra are not heavily marked in this image. The Star of David is used here to encode our dualistic two hearted nature, either positive or negative. See the seven positive and negative virtues that emerge in the mind maps below. The number seven is referenced in multiple cultures and is often associated with something hidden or secret.

According to tradition, the rod of Aaron bore sweet almonds on one side and bitter on the other. This must therefore be the Caduceus & not the single Serpent staff of Asclepius representing disequilibrium or illness. To grow wings & fly, cultivate the positive virtues. Was this the knowledge David carried as his shield from God?

   The Mayans were aware of this knowledge. They had the Seven Serpent, Xilonen with the entwined serpent life force. They also used hexagonal geometry (See:

  My Sumba expedition 2011

On Sumba, land of the Megalith builders, this - Ina Mawolo, Mother of Being, Sky Goddess & Ama Marawi  and Father of Creation, Sky God, God Father, birth their seven positive or negative natures via a geometric six straight lined structure (look carefully at the monkey faces). The sun & moon are the two primary sky gods on the island of Sumba.  

My Sumba expedition 2011

Checkout that magnificent Omega and geometrically chiselled ten pointed Star. The Omega or Mamoli as it is known on Sumba or Enneagram from the Ennead Cosmogeny is the birthing principle behind the life force represented by the Star of David and Caduceus. Wilhelm Reich carried out a lot of study on the life force principle and called it Orgone Energy.

Source: Wikipedia entry:Tlaloc

 Once again, this knowledge was available in the America’s too. See the Omega symbols next to the head of Tlaloc, the Mayan deity.

The Balinese Hindus use the human shape with the uplifted feet & toes with the male genitals on a praying deity to represent the birthing aspect of the life force. Note the nine points that describe the edge of the Enneagram.

Nice geometries on the tomb megalith. The island of Sumba is littered with these Stone Megaliths and Catholic churches.
One fractal reality, multiple universal symbols representing various aspects of that fractal reality.

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