Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stop Learn Math

On March 2nd, 2007, Patung wrote in Cities & Regions, News, Java, that:
The head of the organizing committee of the PKS, in… East Java, one Ach Ready, has threatened to erase some kind of artwork, perhaps a mural, at the Adipura park in the city, which he says is a six sided star and therefore looks like the Star of David on the flag of Israel.
There were 28 Comments to this article among them was this one which I liked the most:
Dimp Says:
I think they will not learn math as well as the triangle clearly part of the star of David, and next they will eradicate the color blue as this is also the color of star of David, next the word star will be eradicated, and demanding people with the name of David to change their name.

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