Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kosher Soap

Star of David Kosher Soap picture is courtesy of Todd Ehlers from Flickr
Even though the Star of David shape is missing from this product I thought it fit to include it in my blog since it uses the name of our Jewish emblem for promoting sales.
The Star of David is an inter-religious symbol which was used by Budhists, Christians, Moslems and Jews all along history, but do the non Jews use this soap?


Lucian said...

I think I've already published a comment on Your blog (weeks ago) about the two interlaced squares, and the reason I think it is a Christian symbol (representing the number eight, which is the figure of Christ: 6=man; 7=God; 8=God-man). Also: Sunday as the "eighth" day of the week. Another reason would be that this symbol is to be found on icons. Here's an example: watch the aura surrounding the Dove and the Head of the Father:

I have seen it for myself on icons depicted in religious magazines, surrounding the Dove, or the Body of Christ in the icons representing His Transfiguration, or His Descent into Hell (to name but three examples).

Hope this helps.

ShaRi said...

i would use it.
zeevveez has left a new comment on your post "RAinBowTaRA":

I have a blog dedicated solely to Stars of David
May I publish there your Tara photo?
Can you tell me how you made this photo?
Yes, it would be an honor. The photos are digital collages done in Photoshop. Funny, when i finished this collage, i noticed for the first time that the crystal lotus made a six-pointed star, although i have used this image quite extensively in my collages!