Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Non-Jewish Tombstone -2

Hexagram Masonic symbol
We, Jews, tend to think that, in general, the Star of David is “ours”; and that, in particular, the Star of David on tombstones in “ours”. But here’s an example of one that is engraved on a non-Jewish tombstone.
Photo is courtesy of Webrarian who published it on Flickr
and wrote in the caption:
Pillars, arches, Star of David, the letter G, the TH monogram - how many masonic symbols have I missed?. BTW The 'G' in the centre of the Star of David means 'GOD' - its a Masonic symbol.
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Anonymous said...

That is not a "TH" Monogram. It is a Triple Tau. The man buried there is a Royal Arch Mason.

Wonderful photo, great blog.

Anonymous said...

Masonic G also means Geometry. I assume the man buried was a jewish mason who was also in the Royal Arch