Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Non-Jewish Tombstone -1

 Solomon’s seal Free Masons
We, Jews, tend to think that, in general, the Star of David is “ours”; and that, in particular, the Star of David on tombstones in “ours”. But here’s an example of one that is engraved on a non-Jewish tombstone.
Photo is courtesy of Gora Gray who published it on Flickr
under the title: "Thomas Cummins, died 1843 - Plympton St Mary, Plymouth"
Gora Gray wrote in the caption:
The 'G' in the centre of the Star of David means 'GOD' - its a masonic symbol...Thomas was living at Union Street in Plymouth in 1841 .
To be more exact this symbol is called by the Free Masons Solomon's Seal, since King Solomon is considered to be the first Free Mason...

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