Saturday, June 02, 2007

Betty And Henri 1942

Betty And Henri 1942 ART Yellow Badge

Photo is courtesy of artist Tsvi Nadav Rosler and it shows the yellow badge on the blouse of Betty. The painting is part of a series about the artist’s family in the Holocaust.

Size of the painting is 60X80 cm.

Copyright: Tsvi Nadav Rosler, 2007

This works is taking part in the Yellow Holocaust Star Exhibit at Yigal Alon House, Safed which started on 30-4-2008. Curator: Reli Wasser.

Technique: Acrylic

Tsvi Nadav Rosler wrote:

My sister and I are photographed a month before the police rapped at our door. My father, Aharon would then be taken and sent to Auschwitz. For my sister,my mother and for me would start the story of hiding and escaping.

Tsvi Nadav-Rosler was born in Antwerp in the year 1937. He studied graphic design in Antwerp's art academy. Came on Aliya with his spouse Miriam in 1959. He worked 35 years as manager of the art department of the Israeli Educational TV.

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