Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yellow Badge Painters

I started collecting photos of paintings in which there are Yellow Badges. My first impression is that close to the holocaust the Yellow Badges in these paintings were small and realistic and only closer to our days they became big and abstract. It seems that memory intensifies this unique emblem.

In order to see what I found till now search on this site for:
Dr. Martin Kieselstein
Samuel Bak
Yaakov Agam
Jacques Heller
Roni Reuven
Reli Wasser
Zoya Cherkassky
felix nussbaum
Hersz Schilis
Helena Olomotzki
Esther Luria
Ella Liberman Shibber
Isic adolf feder
Jaques Gotko
Charlot Borschova
Eric Vanounou
Robert Fisch
Akiva Kenneth Segan

Self Portrait of painter Isaac Celnikier


Lucian said...

If I were to tell You that this collection is simply beautiful, You'll think I'm an Anti-Semite. If I were to tell You it's gruesome, You'll think I'm an Anti-Semite. I guess I'm speechles.

P.S.: I was born in Transylvania in 1925 [...] In Auschwitz, men were separated from women. -- just like in an Orthodox Church (Romanian or otherwise [since he says he's from Transylvania]) ... forgive my gruesome comparisson, or parallel.

zeevveez said...

See also:Beth Grossman,