Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cheapening The Holocaust

Ido Keinan quotes on his blog from Hagar Zimerman’s suggestion in the Forum of Green Leaf, her movement, to make a provocation towards next Marijuana Day- to prepare a yellow leaf, similar to the Yellow Badge, because she thinks that what the public is doing to Marijuana users is similar to what the Nazis did to Jews in the Holocaust. This proposition got many comments e.g. Noam wrote that the Israelis would react to this suggestion in the same way they reacted to the Orange Badge – in other words: they will hate it.


Lucian said...

The Director of the Wiesenthal Institute, Dr. Ephraim Zorof said these settlers are a kind of Holocaust deniers.

Holocaust? What Holocaust?

Lucian said...

Seriously, now: worse than killing is mockery, and even worse than that is not givin'a shit about it; and EVEN WORSE yet: trivializin' it, like it were some diverse, mundane thing.

zeevveez said...


"Thinkpiece -Wear the yellow Star of David when protesting against Israeli actions"
By Shraga Elam
18 April 2004