Thursday, May 17, 2007

Israel Is Each One of Us

Magen David Israeli artI asked Dan Ben-Arye to publish an add on his web site and call the artists in the artist’s village Ein-Hod to send me photos of works that deal with the Magen David. Dan Ben-Arye published [in Hebrew] a very successful add because soon afterwards artist Dan Chamizer sent me three of his works. The one here has a mirror in the center of the Israeli flag, instead of a Magen David. The idea is that “Israel is you”, because each holder of this work that looks in that mirror sees himself. Dan Chamizer gave this work the title "The flag is who you are"
Wood, plaster, mirror 100X50 cm.
IMHO this should be a commercial product and Israelis who will buy it will remember that they do not need to blame the Prime Minister for all their troubles because Israel is not the Prime Minister – Israel is each one of us!

Copyrights :Dan Chamizer 2007

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