Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ayelet Amit

Yellow Badge Israeli artThe picture titled Yellow Star, holocaust and revival, is courtesy of artist Ayelet Amit that sent me several similar works and wrote to me that (my translation):
The works were made while I was searching for the roots of personal identity as a subject that I decided to focus in. The work on the creation of a print is for me, in general, half spontaneous and so, from the attempt to create a star of David with borders which are not sharp there appeared a work that was definitely a yellow patch. The remaining parts around it, the decision on colorfulness of the other layers and the changing of their position inside every item in the series erupted from within my soul during the process of creation until the result, which in my eyes expresses a departure from a situation of distress to a situation of growth.
Copyrights: Ayelet Amit 2007.

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