Thursday, February 01, 2007

Quanzhou, China

The following news article appeared on the English People's Daily on October 29, 2001

An ancient relievo of the Star of David, which Chinese archaeologists believe may date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) or Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), has been unearthed recently in east China's port city of Quanzhou.
Carved in a piece of white granite that measures 65 cm in height and 63 cm in width and was obviously a component of a building, the relievo takes the form of a six-pointed star, a symbol of Judaism, which remains part of the national flag of Israel.
Archeologists say the relievo and the original relevant architecture indicate the influence of Judaism in the ancient times in Quanzhou, a port city in Fujian province.
The relievo was unearthed under the Deji gate to its ancient city wall.

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