Thursday, February 01, 2007

Grail Seekers

Brian Kannard wrote on his blog:
Tip Site of the Week:
For all of you interested in Jewish Hexagrams, check out the
Star of David blog. These show up in all sorts of places that you might not expect. There’s some nice work and pics on Zeevveez’s blog. He’s also interested in the Templar use of hexagrams, if you have any information or insight on this, email me and I’ll let him know.
So here is what I already collected about this subject:
There are many
hexagrams on the ceiling of the Old Templar church of Garway. 
On the arch "of the ceiling of the rock-hewn church of Saint Mary's in Ethiopia.
In Rodez you will find a cathedral with rose windows with the Hexagram
Steven Sora speaks about the six-pointed star in his book The Lost Colony of the Templars: Verrazano's Secret Mission to America.

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zeevveez said...

Authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas had an interesting take on the well-known Masonic symbol of the square and compass. They claimed it originated as a stylized form of the ancient symbol for a king's power—a pyramid with its base at the bottom representing earthly power—superimposed with a reversed pyramid representing the heavenly power of the priest. Together, these pyramids of power create the symbol which has come to be known as the Star of David. "It first came into popular use on a large number of Christian churches in the Middle Ages," they wrote, "and the earliest examples were, we were amazed to find, on buildings erected by the Knights Templar. Its use in synagogues came very much later."