Friday, February 16, 2007

Palestinian Point of View

The Star of David or Solomon’s seal had been in use by Muslims for generations and they have the right to love it the same as Jews and Christians who also used it a lot during history. But the state of affairs is influenced by politics and not by history or facts. E.g. Mike Odetalla wrote an article in the peoples voice website on 02/13/07 titled Teaching Hatred. Here are some excerpts about the way Palestinians relate to the Star of David:

The first time I was ever exposed to the Star of David was when I saw it painted on the gleaming metallic bodies of the Fantom jet fighters that were flying low overhead as they bombed and strafed the outskirts of our village … during the 1967 war...

The first Jew that I had ever seen in my life was an alien looking figure, who was standing atop a tank, which also had the Star of David painted on it

The Star of David was not a religious symbol to me and other Palestinians. It was symbol of oppression and fear.

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