Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Israeli National Photo Collection

I found a few interesting Stars of David on the Israeli National Photo Collection website:

1. On a Jewish national blue box, from USA 1960's.

2. On a poster for the 41 years of independence.

3. On a door in Peki'in village.

4. Formed by soldiers in the center of the Ramat Gan stadium during a rehearsal of the IDF pageant.

5. On the outfit of a Japanese boy belonging to the "Makoya" sect.

6. On the floor of a church in Rome, Italy.

7. On the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv on new year's eve, 31/12/2001

8. On a rock excavated at the 4th century synagogue at Samua in Judea. I found another photo on another website but here the description was slightly different: Eshtamoa synagogue from the 5 - 6th century located in the village of Eshtamoa near Hebron.

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