Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flag Proposals

Santiago Dotor edited a web page about the Israeli flag proposals in 1948. I found there a few interesting things about Stars of David:

  1. Nissim Sabbah of Tel Aviv proposed two blue stripes, a white background, a Star of David in the middle and seven gold stars.
  2. Mordechai Nimtza-bi proposed in a book entitled The Flag 8 variations, designed by Zeljko Heimer, which were not accepted. All proposals included a Star of David.
  3. Oteh Walisch, graphic artist, proposed seven golden Stars of David.
  4. 164 people participated in a competition announced on 10 June 1948 by the committee for considering the flag question. These participants submitted 450 designs. The text of the Call for Proposals stated clearly that each proposal should include "Magen-David, or seven stars (gold or other color) [but] any other proposal or idea would be accepted for consideration as well"

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