Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Unique Rug with Stars of David - Feedback Needed

Lesley Lesley Bearman Lahm wrote to me:

I purchased the rug in the photo below (in Baku, Azerbaijan) and am very curious about the symbolism. At first I thought it might be from a Jewish home, but then thought it might be some sort of neo-facist iconography.

I had an appraiser take a look at it, and she is rather intrigued as well - her speciality is carpets.

we have approached museums and they never respond! I am simply interested in its origins etc. - I find it intriguing and also a lovely piece (the workmanship is beautiful).

The other things are flags we think - I originally thought they were the wings of the birds, but the appraiser pointed out they were flags - the rug is in storage, but I believe the stripes are green, yellow and red. Colors of Lithuania?

Unique Rug with Stars of David (front side) - Feedback Needed
Lesley Bearman Lahm © 2010

Unique Rug with Stars of David (back side) - Feedback Needed
Lesley Bearman Lahm © 2010


Malcolm Schosha said...

I wish the resolution of the image was better. It looks as though there are six cranes, and six of something else I can not make out, arranged in a star pattern. Paintings with six cranes (but not arranged in a star) seem popular in Chinese art, and I guess that is the basis of these....that is, of course, if I am right about seeing cranes in the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Check that out :)

zahara said...

Check with Shlomo of Shlomo & Hagar designs. He is from Afghanistan & has Rugs with Judaic patterns woven there. He is also raising funds to restore Jewish buildings there.