Monday, March 22, 2010

Six pointed star in a new Slovakia stamp

Slovakia stamp (March 30 2010) celebrating 400 years for the Jilina synod the Hebrew letters for God (tetragrammon) and the word Halleluia. (apart of the six pointed star).
Thanks to Dr Claude WAINSTAIN Saint-Mandé FRANCE for sending me this picture.

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gina /aka / wing said...

hi, it's gina/aka wings69 from Flickr. didn't know how to contact you, i love the Star of David and your site is really great! thank you for the honor of faving my Adonai tattoo. i have another one in Hebrew, and it means Jesus Christ, i hope i don't offend you. :( just wanted to share two pics of the Star of David. the one i made for the invitations, and one i designed weaving beads.

and this is the one i designed. ;)
i hope you like them.