Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Akbar’s shield with Solomon’s seal

This metal shield (click the link) with the zodiac Signs and with Solomon’s Seal framing the date 1594, belonged to the Moghul emperor Akbar (1542 –1605) and it is presented in the British Museum. On the web page of The disciples of Bhagawan Shri Lahari Krishna they write that the hexagram is known for almost all the Hindus in India as a symbol of the arrival of their king, who would unite them and rebuild the Indian nation. The authors of this page go on and tell us that Akbar’s shield reflects this messianic belief, since he put this six-pointed star near Pisces believing that the Indian Messiah is expected to come in February.

This messianic belief (assocated to the hexagram) is amazingly similar to the the Jewish and the Christian messianic beliefs - so the question is where exactly did this belief originate?

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