Friday, December 05, 2008

The Girl With the Yellow Star

Esther Lurie was born in Latvia in 1913 and lived in Israel since 1934. The Nazis caught her while she was in an exhibit in Europe and sent her to Ghetto Kovno, where she documented by her pencils the life of Jews from 1941 until 1944. This is one of her most famous works: The Girl With the Yellow Star. I wrote about is two years ago, when I started collecting yellow badge art, and now, eventually, I publish this work of art courtesy of pictorial history postcard collector Stephanie Comfort.  


Historian said...

About the Macedonian history and the Bulgarian view, pleas visit

joe said...

She was actually studying art in Brussels when the war started... her sister was in Riga w/ a newborn child, so she went to help out... She ended up in Kovno until the war ended. I'm her grandson... :)

Anonymous said...

Here is everything about the Star of "David":