Saturday, July 05, 2008

Safed Postage Stamp

Safed Postage Stamp from 1948 decorated with Stars of David is published here courtesy of Itamar Karpovski. Designed by the legendary illustrator Aryeh Moskovich.

From Wikipedia / Postal history of Palestine:

In the town of Safed, the departure in April of the British left the Haganah trying to establish control. The Haganah enlisted a postal clerk to print up postal envelopes, which were never used, as well as 2,200 stamps (10 mils each). On the stamps was written, in Hebrew: Safed mail Eretz Israel. Once stamped, mail was routed by the Haganah through Rosh Pina. These Safed emergency stamps were the only ones issued by the Haganah.

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