Friday, July 18, 2008

Logo of the Year of Zionism

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on its website in 1998 the Logo of the Year of Zionism which

consists of six colored triangular sections composing the Star of David. Each triangle of the logo, which was selected by the Israeli public, symbolizes a different aspect of the Zionist experience:

* A blue and white triangle symbolizing the Israeli flag;

* A red arrow pointing to the East - the "mizrah" and referring to the future;

* An orange triangle representing the desert and efforts to make the desert bloom;

* A triangle with purple dots representing the grapes brought back by the spies who scouted the Land of Israel and found a "land of milk and honey";

* The Hebrew letter "aleph" representing the rebirth of the Hebrew language; and

* The green sabra plant which has come to symbolize the modern Israeli.

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