Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Linguistic Analysis of the Burrows Cave Hoax

David Grant Stewart published an article titled: Linguistic Analysis of the Burrows Cave Hoax. In the introduction he wrote:
The Burrows Cave collection represent group of more than three thousand artifacts allegedly discovered by Mr. Russell Burrows at a cave in an undisclosed location in Illinois. The Egyptian and eastern Mediterranean motifs found in artifacts from Burrows Cave has led to considerable speculation and controversy. Cuneiform, Etruscan, Phoenician, Egyptian, and other characters are found on Burrows Cave. If valid, the implications of the Burrows Cave would be astounding.

One of the photos has the following caption:
Judah - in the context of a Semitic head and a מגן דוד MOGEN DAVID, Shield of David…I have translated above four characters which I think should be read “Judah.”

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