Monday, May 19, 2008

Lowest Moral Place In The History Of The World

Israeli ART, Yellow Badge
Photo is courtesy of intuitive painter Rachel Ben Hur.
Copyright: Rachel Ben Hur 2008
Currently this work is taking part in the Yellow Holocaust Star Exhibit at Yigal Alon House, Safed, which started on 30-4-2008. Curator: Reli Wasser.

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm

Technique: Photo processed in Photoshop and printed on canvas.

Title: Mother, life is infinite

Artist’s Caption: sunrise over the Dead Sea, and the Bulgarian equivalent of the yellow badge – the yellow button. The button belonged to my mother who lived in Bulgaria during WWII. She went to visit her husband. The train she was on was full with Germans. She was afraid that the button might clearly indicate that she's a Jewess and tore it off.

The Dead Sea along with Holocaust memories makes an interesting combination: it’s name reminds us of the 6,000,000, and that it is the lowest place in the world hints to the Nazi’s lowest MORAL place in the history of the world.

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