Monday, March 03, 2008

VI. The Capernaum Synagogue (part I)

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The Mystery Of The Menorah And The Star Richard A. Freund University of Hartford in

Nationalism, Zionism and ethnic mobilization of the Jews in 1900 and beyond ed. Michael Berkowitz, 2004 ISBN 9004131841

The lintel from the Synagogue of Capernaum, for example, which is now understood as an example of Christian relic Church together with the Ark of the Covenant lintel, demonstrates the Christian usage of formerly exclusive Jewish symbols.


zeevveez said...

About St.Peter's House at capernaum see:

Lucian said...

He didn't just insinuate the David Star was a Christian Trinitarian symbol, ... did he ? :-\

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Dear Sabah

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