Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wailing Wall Postcard

Wailing Wall in a Star of David israeli art

Photographer Naomi Tereza Salmon shot this photo of the Wailing Wall in a Star of David frame; it is part of a series titled: Black Box.

The Souvenir Series includes:

1. Black Box - Souvenir from Israel

2. Sehnsucht Heimat - Souvenir from Tirol

3. European Eyes on Japan - Souvenir from Tokyo

4. The Aftermath - Souvenir from Holocaust Memorials

5. MZG - Souvenir from the GDR

6. Zwiebeltown - Souvenir from Weimar

7. Bin There Done That - Souvenir from 9/11

8. D.O.M (Lighters)

9. Fundamental Bonbons

These Souvenirs, according to the artist:

… are mini-copies, memories of a trip, a stay somewhere, a moment. They come from a home, which they want to mirror, into a strange land: fragments of memory, chunks of yearning, signs of history, evidence of existence, knick-knacks.

Copyright: Naomi Tereza Salmon 2008

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