Sunday, February 03, 2008

Star of David Equals Swastika

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Recently there were recorded by Canadian Police a few instances of spraying Star of David Equals Swastika on Jewish property


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zeevveez said...

In a protest rally I attended in a Palestinian village, a placard was raised bearing the sketch Swastika = Star of David. I didn’t dedicate any thought for it, but a group of young Germans who were there with me reacted to it very badly, they didn’t understand how could a sign like this be raised in the village centre and nobody was pulling it down. They were also surprised by the considerable indifference with which the placard was received by us, the Israelis. We, on the other hand, ridiculed the German’s over sensitivity. Was the sign really targeted at us, could a Swastika frighten us? And maybe the young Germans are reacting more appropriately to signs we don’t recognize? … In Europe the Star of David still signifies the victim, and the Swastika has many believers, and a placard in a European square like the one raised in that Palestinian village would have been shocking, scary and demanding reaction.