Friday, January 25, 2008

Carlos Latuff, Barbed Wire Star

Israeli Apartheid jewish star
Title:Israeli Apartheid
This is the first photo of a Barbed Wire Star of David published on this blog. Picture is courtesy of cartoonist Carlos Latuff. Concerning the Star of David itself it denies access, in this case, from the other side as well. It’s the deep meaning of this symbol not to take sides, or to take both sides.

From Wikipedia: Carlos Latuff is a freelance political cartoonist, born in November 30, 1968, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… Latuff has authored several comics about Middle East situations such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iraq War, mainly highly critical towards Israel and the United States while sympathizing with their opposition… in 2004, Latuff has made a series of seven cartoons, called Forgiveness, showing Arabs and Jews illustrated in reconciliation.

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