Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anti Israeli Cartoons From The Summer Of 2006

Tom Gross published on his website Anti-Israeli cartoons from the summer of 2006. Stars of David appear on some of these cartoons:

Hou Xiao Qiang, China (July 18, 2006):
Shows a white dove of peace being crucified on the Star of David.

Morhaf Youssef Syria (August 16, 2006):
Draws a grotesque parallel between the Jewish holy sign the Star of David, and the Nazi swastika, the symbol under which Jewish adults, children and babies were, in living memory, tortured and gassed.

The Guardian, Martin Rowson (July 19, 2006):
Stars of David are being used as knuckle dusters on a bloody fist to both punch a young boy and to crush George Bush, the American president.

Jaroslaw Wojtasinski, Poland (August 5, 2006):
Suggests that Israelis are the enemies of peace and that the Star of David is the symbol of trigger-happy military oppression.

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