Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Photo is courtesy of Sirensongs Who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption:

The Vajrayogini is often shown in this yogic position with one leg raised
high over her head. This embossed brass plate is the most impressive of several
like it to be seen on the ceiling of the Bijayeshwori Temple, Swayambhu,
Nepal . 

19th century Tibetan mandala of the Naropa tradition
Vajrayogini from the Rubin Museum of Art
Source: Wikipedia entry Vajrayogini   


Sirensongs said...

Thanks for the link, ZeeVeez.

I should have added (in our original letters) that this photo is Copyrighted by Sirensongs and not to be re-used or copied or "Save Image As"'d without permission. :-)

I see you have also discovered the Sri Aurobindo logo! If you look up/Google something called "Yantra" or "Laksmi Yantra" also spelt Laxmi you will find another version.

zeevveez said...

Vajrayogini Symbol
Following are a few excerpts from Buddha Chat: Buddhism Discussion Forum
Question "Star of David" in Tibetan tradition
I've come across a symbol within the Tibetan tradition that very closely resembles the Star of David, a hexagram. I've come to understand that this symbol represents om mani padme hung, with each point of the hexagram, starting with the upper left point and moving around counterclockwise, representing each syllable. The center space, as I understand, represents om itself.
Can anyone speak more of this? What is this symbol called? I'm intrigued.

Re: "Star of David" in Tibetan tradition
It's a chojung [chos.'byung] (Source of Dharma). I don't feel confident enough in my knowledge to tell you what it means, though. I know they are sometimes just single triangles and sometimes double. Vajrayogini from the Sakya tradition (Naro Khachoma) is often depicted standing on one.

sherab zangpo:
Re: "Star of David" in Tibetan tradition
Its simply the vajrayogini symbol. Any more than that I can’t say. Its complex and self secret, you would need empowerment, lung transmission and detailed teachings from a close teacher, a set amount of mantra and a private retreat for that.
good luck.