Monday, December 24, 2007

Rosicrucian Symbology

Rosicrucian Symbology is influenced by Kabbalah. The six-pointed star is an esoteric geometric symbol (there are also natural, phallic and astronomical/astrological symbols). Exoteric symbols are used in science. It represents the equilibrium of spirit and matter.
This is the peculiarly appropriate symbol of the Hebrew faith which for ages has
maintained the existence of but ONE God perfectly expressed in both the physical
and material worlds. Continuing the process of development we enclose our
six-pointed star in the original sphere indicated by the circle…symbolize
harmony of the spirit that descended into matter and the Body now purified and
arisen with Divinity or the Over-Soul.
From: Rosicrucian Symbology, By Khei, F. R. Khei, Kessinger Publishing, 1996 , ISBN 156459842X.


Lucian said...

Could this, by any chance, be considered as an anti-Semitic Christmas Carol?

zeevveez said...

Thank you for this awful link!