Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bulgarian Jews

Bulgarian Jewish star

Photo of 1939  Bulgarian Jews (in front of the Synagogue of Svistov - town on the Danube River) holding a Star of David sign is courtesy of Stephanie Comfort who published it on Flickr 


I got an interesting letter from Stephanie and she let me quote it here:
This last May was my 28th trip to Israel. I have only missed one year since '77 .... I was in Eilat when Sadat came. I used to work with the late Yigael Shiloh at the City of David Dig from '81 thru '84 and then at Tel Dora with Prof. Efraim Stern for 4 yrs. while studying in the Summers with Prof. Jim Fleming of Hebrew U. I, also, used to lead tours (as a volunteer for the Zionist Org. of America) to Israel for several Summers. This May I'm bringing 15 or 16 friends with us for your 60th - arriving on the 14th of May. My first Israeli postcards were purchased about 20 yrs. ago in a box of 100 from the Museum of the Diaspora. At about the same time the Museum had a show of photos of the Jews of Kaifeng, China which began my interest in Jews from all over the World. My first stereoviews were purchased about 15 yrs. ago in Tel Aviv in a used book store on Allenby (I now have over 9,000 with sets of Palestine/Israel) - my neighborhood there was around the new Opera House building.

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