Thursday, October 04, 2007

Zionism On The Web

Zionism On The Web Stars of David Photo of green Stars of David on a cardboard gun is courtesy of Andre Oboler who published it on a forum called Zionism On The Web and wrote there on Mar 28, 2006 that
GUPS (the General Union of Palestinian Students) have set up a mock wall behind their stall. In front of it they distribute literature as a black and white set of images shine onto a sheet. Out of spare cardboard they create machine guns, decorated with stars of David and the words “Born to Kill”. They aim these at passing students, apparently targeting those who look “obviously Jewish”… They explained that they were "setting up a checkpoint" and were "pointing the guns at people just like Israeli soldiers do".

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Victor said...

Sorry to respond so late, but I think pro-Israeli students on those campuses should respond in kind. They should wear an obviously drawn paper explosive belt in a public area (perhaps next to the "check points") and say "Boom!" loudly once in a while.