Monday, October 29, 2007

Frustration After 60 years

holocaust-jewish-star-Israeli artPhoto of Star of David in the center of an artwork made by Ness Ziona painter Yossi Regev is courtesy of Yossi Regev.
Copyright: Yossi Regev 2007
My first impression was that the things that the state of Israel is going through are so bad that it's better to pass through them with eyes closed.

Yossi is the son of Holocaust survivors. In this work he tried to express their frustration from what is going on in Israel after 60 years since they came here.

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Lucian said...

Powerful photo. Strong sentiments are expressed in it. Hiddeous, yet still human. It takes one's attention captive to it. Almost hypnotizing. It is great art, indeed. Sad and superbe at the same time. Very powerful.