Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Israel is Too Militaristic

Too Militaristic Star of David

Photo is courtesy of Hila Amram who published it on Flickr. We see a green Star of David formed by interlacing the legs of a shooting soldier with his reflection. The message seems to be: Israel is too militaristic...


Lucian said...

I know that I'm gonna sound like an oversized baby by now, but ... that cute little soldier-toy is just lovely. :-)

That again, the reality depicted is terribly sad, :-( and it's one from whom even the little innocents [for whom these adorable toys were meant in the first place] have to suffer ... :-( Needless to say, to surprise them by such gifts will only bring tears to their sad little eyes, instead of childish joy ... :-(

P.S.: -and, again, sorry for being to personal ... please don't feel in any way "obligated" to answer me if You don't wish to- : do You have any (cute, little, adorable) grandchildren? :-)

zeevveez said...

Thanks for all your clever comments
No, I do not have grandchildren yet