Monday, September 24, 2007

Unprecedented Stamp Shape

Stamp-Shape-star-of-davidPicture is courtesy of my favorite graphic artist Jennie Gottschalk who lives in New Zealand.

Till now you saw rectangular and sometimes triangular stamps but admit it that you have never seen Star of David shaped stamp. I just hope that the Israeli Postal Stamp Service people will notice this unique design and embrace it for next Independence Day. The balloons are made of micrographic Hebrew letters of the national anthem.
I asked Jennie how did she make the balloons and she wrote to me:

I used Paint Shop Pro to create the balloons. I started by drawing a vector line and then mapped the text onto it. I then saved the balloon, removed the text and replaced it with new text. For the one balloon, I mirrored the balloon and then added the text. It was not too hard. Just took a bit of time. After creating last year's Yom HaZikaron graphic ("A handful of names"), this was very simple.
copyright: Jennie Gottschalk 2007

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