Thursday, September 27, 2007

Recycling Micro Contents

Cheryl Hagedorn wrote the most extensive article about my blook that was written by someone other than me.
Here are a few updates:
Till now I wrote two chapters in English:

The Origin of the Star of David

Christian Star of David

In Hebrew I published on my Hebrew blog the following chapters

1. The origin of the Hexagram
2. The meaning of the Hexagram
3. The Hexagram in other cultures
4. Prominent persons in the history of the Magen David
5. Star of David products
6. Logos, coats of arms and city emblems
7. Mapping of Star of David appearances in art

I also broke into postings Asher Eder’s book about the Star of David, added images to each posting, and scattered them between my other postings. In other words I converted a book into a blook. I’ll be happy to know if there are others who made such a conversion …

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