Monday, September 03, 2007

Pictorial History

WW1 propaganda postcard Star of DavidPhoto of a Star of David on a 1917 - German WW1 propaganda postcard about Tsar Nicholas is courtesy of Stephanie Comfort who published it on Flickr. We see Russain Tsar Nicholas dressed in a tallith (prayer shawl), with a large Star of David on top of his crown with the caption in German "To my beloved Jews" from "Our Father Nikolay. 
Stephanie wrote to me: 
I decided to open a Website to share my 7,000 plus Jewish postcards with interested parties. I also have a section: Duplicates - I'd like to trade my duplicates for those of others.

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Lucian said...

Uh, boy: now, THAT's really rich: portraying an anti-Semite as a tool of Jewish conspiracy or propaganda. (What were they even thinking? -- they probably had just a little bit TOO much of that German beer 'on board' at the time they did this :p -- please forgive my unforgiving sarcasm :D ).