Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mohammad Amin al- Husseini

Star of David antique postcard
Picture of English King wearing the the cross and the Star of David is courtesy of Pictorial History collector Stephanie Comfort who published it on Flickr.
The King is  sitting in front of the 10 Commandments offering a nude Jew Amin al- Husseini's head on a platter.

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Lucian said...

This may sound rather harsh, but, I beg You, please bear with me for a moment: at least THIS guy had a motive: he believed -as taught by Arab religious history- that that land belonged to them (and, at that time, it actually did, de facto). So, English and Jews were intruders there: the first subjugating the Arab people and dividing their land; while the latter were de facto occupators. So, as far as he was concerned, his fight was one of self-liberation from under English yoke, and Jewish settlement.

Which only brings me to address my stupid, unimportant and unrelated little question: WHAT ON EARTH was Hitler's reason ??? -- Did the Jews, perchance, "occupy" Europe, (by force, as it were) ??? -- I think I'm gonna stop here, before becoming really irritated ...