Friday, August 31, 2007

Library for Graphic Designers And Organizations

Jewish star logo Itzhak Beery, a native Israeli designer who lives in New York started a web site dedicated to showcasing the ingenuity of the creative minds.

Itzhak hopes to create a library of logos and corporate ID for graphic designers and organizations that explore the endless possibilities of the six-point stars model. Readers are invited to visit the site, upload their original designs, and write their design rational, organization story and personal information.

Itzhak Beery

Bleecker & Sullivan Advertising


Photo is courtesy of Howard Levy / Red Rooster Group and it was published on with the following details:

designed by:
Howard Levy / Red Rooster Group
year created:
design rational:
ENGAJE! stands for Enrich, Nurture Grow through Adult Jewish Education. The logo shows a teacher imparting Jewish values to the students.
web site:

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