Sunday, July 22, 2007

Maps of Awareness

Israeli art magen David Photo is courtesy of painter and lecturer on kabbalah issues Avraham Loewenthal who told me that kabbalah teaches the maps of the awareness of the human being. In this illustration we see, among other things, the contact between the Tree of Life and the twelve tribes, which stand for attributes in our souls, and the twelve months. In the center are the Hebrew letters of love which is the trait that opens the possibility of the repair of the world.
This work is part of Magen David exhibition in Tasha Gallery

Copyrights: Abraham Lowenthal

Avraham Loewenthal wrote to me:
The white circle in the center of the painting contains a Star-of-David with a smaller Star-of-David depicted at each of the 6 points. The Star-of-David is a triangle going up and a triangle going down- a symbol of unification: upper and lower, spiritual and physical, within and without, woman and man, give and take, creator and creation. The coming together of 2 triangles, or 2 sets of 3, gives birth to the center of the Star-of-David, the 7. It is explained in the Kabbalah that the number 6 represent the physical world, as the physical world contains 6 directions of space: north, south, east, west, up, and down. 7 is the point in the center of all the physical world and represents the spiritual which is at the root of everything physical. We have 6 days of the week and then Shabbat. The 6 days of the week are connected with our working towards the revelation of unity, while Shabbat is connected to the revelation itself. It is taught in the Kabbalah that as we have 6 days of the week and then Shabbat, we likewise have 6000 years of our present reality leading to the 7th millennium which is the Shabbat of the universe- The Messianic Age when the world comes to complete peace and harmony as we all come to experience the spiritual revelation of oneness. The 6000 years began from the creation of Adam and Eve. (There is a long discussion in the Kabbalah, which explains how 6000 years harmonizes with the 13.5 billion years, which is understood to be the age of our world.) It is presently the year 5765 (2005). If we translate the years since Adam and Eve into terms of 1 week, we are presently after 12:30 in the afternoon on Friday. As Shabbat begins Friday evening, it is understood that we are presently at the dawning of the Redemption. It is taught that every Shabbat an additional aspect of unification is revealed in the world. As we come to realize the consciousness of unity on deeper and deeper levels, each Shabbat becomes holier and holier, until we reach "the day which is entirely Shabbat". Inside of the 6 points of the Star-of-David is written: SHABBAT KODESH [HOLY SHABBAT].

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